A group of students participating in robotics class

What are your thoughts and questions about the potential elementary school projects?

Tax impact

"This will cost a $250k homeowner $10/month, a $150k homeowner about $6/month and serve over 1500 kids. Over 1500 kids will benefit for a couple dollars extra on a monthly mortgage payment. Let's get on with this."

Greenvale Park

"Greenvale school is outdated and small. It should be replaced. It's important for the families on the north side of town to have a quality elementary building."

Funding and budget

"I'm grateful previous generations paid for my and my kids' education. It is my responsibility to do the same. The few additional dollars is ok. Nothing is free in life and we have civic and community responsibilities to make the world a better place. It starts locally."

Safety and security

"In light of school safety issues in our country, I believe having a safe, secure entry to our schools is very important. Student safety is of utmost importance."

New high school

"We also need a new high school! The current high school facility is in need of major repair."

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