Some Concerns Are

Class size

"Class Size. I have concerns when class size is over 30. This is not ideal for teachers and students."

Parking and traffic

"Parking lot. I'm concerned with distracted drivers in the "pick-up" parking lot. I can't tell you how many times I've witnessed parents texting, viewing, or talking on phones while driving through the parking lot! It's unacceptable, and I've dealt with a couple incidents with individual parents."


"iPads. Students are spending so many hours staring at a screen. The students interact less with each other and more with their iPads during down time or passing time. I think with iPads in their hands they are missing out on crucial relational experiences, as well as distractions from academics."

Facilities and infrastructure

"Facilities. We have great teachers, great curricular (and extra-curricular) opportunities, great administration, great supports for kids...and a tired, outdated facility that does not enhance learning."

Teachers and staff

"Amount of work on teachers' plates, without additional time to prepare. In an attempt to make things "equal," and perhaps for scheduling reasons, the maintenance of a 50 minute prep for elementary is not sufficient to complete the tasks necessary to be well prepared for student learning. 1:1 iPads, while absolutely AMAZING, have resulted in more time needed for prep."

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