Questions about our District


"Can Schoology and Skyward be combined or have a common link? I feel it would be great to have things in one location. I would have any easier time keeping on top of things."

Facilities and infrastructure

"What does the district plan to do about the growing numbers in our classes? Not just Bridgewater but across the board. I see your wonderful district growing and I'm just wondering if new schools are in the future?"

Class size

"Class sizes. Why are the class sizes so large? Shouldn't there be more concern about the level and opportunity of learning when the classes are so large?"

Academic calendar and scheduling

"We need the school day to start later for teenagers. All the research shows an incredible improvement in performance, emotional well being in teenagers when they start the school day after 9 am. The Northfield District could be a leader in the area and start working on that direction. Eventually all schools in the US will start high school later."

Teachers and staff

"How does the district address under performing tenured teachers?"

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